Wind Power - What You Don't Know Might Blow You Away

Most people think that wind is our best choice for generating energy. However, that's not exactly true, and unfortunately the alternative energy global warming devout religious folks have not been entirely honest with all of us. You see, there are a number of problems with wind generation and perhaps we should discuss this for a moment.

Setting up wind towers and wind turbines, and trying to generate more and more electricity from that strategy actually degrades the reliability of our grid, and causes us to have energy shortages, perhaps even rolling blackouts. This is because the wind does not always blow, but this is only one problem with wind turbine energy, there are many more. Did you know the CO2 it takes to create the concrete base for these wind towers would take 20 years to offset per the amount of energy they create as opposed to a coal-fired plant?

Did you know that wind turbines kill birds and bats? Many of the environmentalists are looking the other way, but as soon as an oil soaked bird is seen on TV they go crazy. Did you know that the oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara only killed 183 birds? Do you have any idea how many birds are killed every single day for wind turbines? Wind turbines also create ultra sound, and that messes up the aviation radars, and it could cause the birds we fly in to crash, or cause a midair collision. Of course, these are only a few of the problems with wind energy, but they are worth addressing.

There was an interesting Wind Generation article in the Wall Street Journal by an environmental lawyer in MA recently, Robert F Kennedy Jr. with Water Keeper Alliance Group. It was an editorial titled; "Nantucket's Wind Power Rip-Off," published on July 18, 2011. He talked about the Massachusetts NSTAR Utility Company, and how the wind-turbine deal would drastically increase energy costs unnecessarily to all the consumers and users, putting a huge burden on increased rates, and he stated; "There are vastly cheaper forms of green energy available."

Indeed, in looking at the numbers he is exactly correct, and yet, this political pet project and Global Warming Alarmism era left-over still has its roots off-shore in the waters off Cape Cod, MA. The other day, I was discussing wind energy with an inventor, engineer, and innovator from MA with a new technology which is more efficient than the slated Cape Cod wind-turbine plan, but it is still a wind-generation scheme nevertheless.

Okay so, I explained to him that I am not a big wind-guy, because I live in Palm Desert CA, and we have a lot of wind turbines here and that power doesn't amount to a hill of beans. Further, there are a good many anti-wind folks and groups popping up, and I sent him a link to the popular Wind Energy email newsletter; WindAction