Personal Water Filtration Diminishes the Need For Plastic Bottle Waste

ByKristie Brown

Even the most avid bottled water drinker should admit that disposable plastic bottles are a menace to our society. Everywhere you go you see empty bottles that people have just tossed away carelessly instead of disposed of properly. Many bottles are thrown into our water resources, such as rivers, lakes, and oceans where they are killing aquatic life and dirtying up otherwise beautiful areas. Even if the bottles are tossed into the trash, they then add to the problem of plastic build-up in our landfills, a problem that won't decompose for decades. Obviously modern technology has come up with more eco-friendly options such as personal use water filters.

Not only do these reusable bottles eliminate the problem of excessive plastic waste, but they also filter the water you put in them removing chemicals, metals, bacteria, and protozoa. This makes the water much safer for consumption, unlike bottled water which is often nothing but unfiltered tap water from the area where the beverage is bottled. There are a number of high-quality filtered bottles available. Some great bottles are described below:

Brita has long been a household name in water filtration. Millions of people have purchased a Brita filtered pitcher or an attachment for their water faucet in order to ensure that the water their family is drinking or cooking with is safe and healthy. Brita now also produces a filtered water bottle for personal use. Per company advertising, this filter removes chlorine, metals, bad tastes, foul odors, and many other contaminants. It can filter up to 100 gallons of water, and the bottle contains no BPA. BPA is short for Bisphenol A which is a key component in many epoxy resins and polycarbonates. Although this substance is said to be safe, many people prefer not to chance using products that contain it.

You can get up to 150 uses from a Hydros filtered bottle. Think of that! It means that you'll get clean water for three months using the same bottle instead of stacking up 150 empty plastic bottles. This bottle reduces harmful amounts of chlorine, particulates, and chloramines from the H2O, plus it is naturally anti-microbial meaning that it will help stop bacteria from building up. It tests of ANSI/NSF standards.

A Smart Planet Eco filtered bottle offers improved taste, decreased odors, and a reduction in chlorine, heavy metals, and other types of contaminants. This device is good for as much as 100 gallons of purified water. It is also BPA free; however, it is not NSF certified.

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