Selecting High Performance Metal and Electrical Degreasing Solvents

ByTimothy Byron

Degreasing solvents are used to clean surfaces, parts, and equipment within all industries. Due to the higher probability of grease buildup on heavy-duty machinery, the products most relied on are used for metal and electrical applications.

Metal Cleaning

Proper metal cleaning is a crucial part of successful manufacturing. Metal equipment and components are often relied on even more than employees, working non stop throughout the day in a factory. While grease and residue buildup is to be expected, powerful degreasing solvents made to adequately handle the job are not easy to come by. Although high performance cleaners are always made up of chemicals, the specific type of chemicals can vary drastically, and determine the outcome of your sanitation routine. Chlorinated formulas contain a hazardous chemical called Trichloroethane, or TCA. TCA is extremely dangerous to employees in the event they are exposed by inhalation, digestion, or skin contact.

Acting as a central nervous system depressant, TCA induces minor side effects that are similar to alcohol intoxication, as well as more severe symptoms leading to life-threatening conditions. In the best case scenario, an employee operating heavy duty machinery and equipment that is not fully coordinated and aware of their surroundings puts others at risks, and costs companies millions of dollars in damages. You probably wouldn't serve liquor to your workers, so it may be a good idea to find degreasing solvents that are non-toxic and won't impair anyone's judgment. Alternative degreasers that are just as effective in removing heavy-duty buildup are available. N-propyl bromide is a chemical used to replace the hazards of TCA, without compromising performance. When properly stabilized, n-propyl bromide formulas are also compatible with aluminum, brass, titanium, and magnesium, broadening the areas that TCA cannot be safely applied to.

Electrical Cleaning

Electrical equipment is vital for daily operations, making dielectric cleaners a regular product within manufacturing facilities. Due to their level of toxicity when exposed to an employee's skin, dielectric cleaners containing chlorinated chemicals must be used with extreme caution. Protective equipment has to be worn every time the product is used, adding to overhead costs for organizations, increased risk of human error among employees, and an overall loss of productivity to simply sanitize electrical devices. An easier and safer solution is available. Environmentally preferred electrical degreasing solvents contain no chemicals that would prevent employees from using them safely. In addition to eliminating the need for protective gear, preferred dielectric sprays can be used on most plastic and rubber surfaces. Experienced and chemically advanced industrial solvents manufacturers have developed formulas containing high-grade oil distillates, proven strong enough to remove grease, fuel, oil, and carbon wastes from electrical equipment, without threatening employees.

Superior Products

The manufacturing industry is hard-working, powerful, and progressive. Choosing industrial solvents manufacturers with the same level of commitment is the key to finding better quality products for your facility. Look for companies that specifically address the environmental, health, and safety hazards of chlorinated degreasing solvents to provide alternatives that are just as capable of your manufacturing level needs.

Distinct differences between degreasing solvents are explained for buyers to choose between traditional and chemically advanced industrial solvents manufacturers.

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