Above Ground Coal Steam Generation Scheme Considered

This whole concept of fracking for oil, natural gas, or even extracting lithium via geothermal schemes seems to be a great way to unlock quite a bit of energy potential and take advantage of our natural resources in a highly efficient way. Now then, what if we jammed a pipe system into above ground coal deposits, and pushed it along, as it let more coal into a hot chamber?

The pipe would wiggle its way through the coal deposits and we would keep it lit generating heat, and adding water to make steam. We could use that steam to run generators to make electricity. Okay so, this makes sense, and it would be a good way to generate energy, so let me explain this further.

Since we would be burning the coal in an underground and closed environment, it would be extremely easy to capture the CO2 which was generated. We can use the CO2 for making carbon nano-tube structures, such as carbon composite wings and fuselages for aircraft, trains, ships, and building materials. Perhaps even car bodies, truck bodies, and buses too.

Another thought is to simply take some coal, spread it out over the ground, put a carbon nano-tube bag over it with holes in it, just like a kitchen noodle bowl, and burn what you needed collecting the excess CO2, and allow another carbon nano-tube sheet to lay over the top sandwiched between a third.

As the center sheet vibrated against dome shaped bag or first cover, and the third cover with no holes in it, this would produce friction and create energy. Copper atoms could be put between the carbon nano-tubes during the manufacturing process, and this would cause the excitement of those atoms inside to increase the amount of energy generated.

Such designs would be simple to control, use, and capture the CO2 emissions while trapping in the heat and steam to generate energy. In the secondary scheme, the vibrations of the structure itself would create a second round of energy. This would make it extremely efficient and wasting very little in the energy conversion process. Why don't we take this science of fracking to the next level, why don't we simplify energy generation, with new innovative technologies?

Further, I ask; why can't we just keep it simple, and therefore simply keeping it efficient. Indeed, if you have eco-innovations, ideas, or theories on how to generate more energy for our civilization, and do it in an environmentally friendly manner then by all means let's talk. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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