Why Would You Need A Portable Water Filter?

ByKristie Brown

Years have shown you that you can get by without a portable water filter, so why should you put out the cash for one now? Not that you drink a whole lot of water in the first place, because you'd much rather have a soda or another cup of coffee, but in a pinch you can always buy bottled water. So what's the big deal about people buying straws and drink cups that have filters in them? Is this really a necessity of 21st century life?

To start with, no matter how young you are, you need to start thinking about your health. When you're hanging out with friends, the Cokes and beers probably flow freely. However, beverages other than water aren't providing your body with the hydration it needs to stay healthy. Without enough water in your system, your kidneys can shut down, and waste products remain in your system far longer than they should. Only water will do an adequate job of sustaining your healthy body and mind, which is a good argument for carrying water with you at all times.

Bottled water is proving to be no bargain. People spend a fortune on bottled products that don't contain water that's any better than what they can get from their own taps. In fact, many of the bottling plants actually pump local tap water into their bottles, and municipal water is far from perfect. If you're looking of water that's of a consistently-high quality, you're better off using a portable water filter and creating your own.

It's no secret that our freshwater resources are in short supply and seriously polluted with substances that can cause sickness and death. The big outcry against acid rain back in the latter half of the 20th century arose about the time that people realized that a multitude of chemicals evaporate into the air where they combine with water vapor and fall again as rain which flows into our lakes, rivers, and groundwater. In addition, scientists have determined that quantities of metals work their way from the soil into the water as well. Government standards go part way towards cleaning up the water, but there is no longer money enough to update municipal water treatment facilities.

You can't even trust the water that you find in the mountains or other places where you might hike, cycle, or camp. Gone are the days of the sparkling mountain springs, and you need to prepare yourself for the realities of now. Having a portable water filter that you can take with you on these excursions can help to keep you both safe and healthy.

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Liquid Batteries Doubling As Stability Control for Weight and Balance, and Ballast

Solar Panels

ByYusuf Chy

In general, solar energy can be described as the energy that is received from the sunlight and converted by a mechanical source for home use. It's cheaper and reliable for operations since the sun is readily available. On the other hand, are the mechanically built materials whose main purpose is to convert solar energy to electrical energy. They are built from an element called silicon. It is the core duty of the silicon element to covert the solar energy to electricity. The solar power can either be directly or indirectly gotten from the sunlight. When it's cloudy the intensity of the solar power delivered perfectly, the photovoltaic solar materials deliver sun rays into electricity and the solar thermal receiver changes the solar power into heat solvents, such as oil and water. This type of power is used in, iPod chargers, charge batteries water heaters, cell phone chargers and spacecrafts.

How do work? They practically work on the photovoltaic invention. Its name is derived from the technology used, which is also known as PV, which is made from silicon element. They are basically semiconductors made from sand built into large computer chips. When sun rays falls on the PV materials, the PN junction in it with its metal conductor helps produce electricity. At this juncture, the PN junction is the positive and negative charges that assist to produce electric current. Solar energy is available in different systems, grid connection, inverters and power storage. In a different system, the PV takes up large space up the roof to produce more energy. It can also be built on land space and produce up to 5-9 Megawatts per hour. They can also be useful in street lighting.

How are made? They are basically made from three-dimensional points; the crystalline silicon production, the crystalline silicon panels and the amorphous silicon panels. This stand of the solar-energy production is what is used in the present. In the crystalline silicon production, for example, when the silicon element is melted and cut it is named the poly crystalline silicon. In its other mode when it is built and cut, it becomes mono-crystalline silicon. In both cases, they are about; a hundred percentage pure silicon. In the second case of the crystalline silicon panels, they are normally broken into pieces and then sliced, finally being polished with doping materials. This changes the state of electric charge inside them to cells. The amorphous silicon panels are made from silicon alloys combined with multilayer cells for energy production. This combination explains how the solar power is made.

What are latest technologies of ? The newest technology of solar energy has emerged in a wide range of things. This starts with the green power alternatives which is common for home use. The other aspect of it is the Power cooling and heating systems in homes. The high-technology appliance and periodic lighting at home is the other good examples of solar-energy development. New personal computers development for smart homes is also left out of the latest ideas of the solar power.

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MIL-PRF-680: Strong Enough for the Military and Your Company's Industrial Cleaning Needs

ByTimothy Byron

Those familiar with industrial degreasers know that MIL-PRF-680 is most commonly used by the military to maintain equipment, weapons, and vehicles. However, it can benefit any company that requires industrial chemicals to clean "high-value" parts and aging equipment, machinery and fleets that operate on air, land, and water.

The measure of a quality industrial degreaser is that it is both essential and efficient. While its record of accomplishment of cleaning Department of Defense parts and equipment clearly demonstrates MIL-PRF-680 has the highest cleaning capability, it also offers several additional advantages to traditional degreasers.

No Odor

This product does not have the strong odor of many traditional degreasers, which creates not just a more pleasant work environment, but also a potentially more productive one. The strong chemical smell of a traditional degreaser can overtake a workplace, becoming almost impossible to remove once it permeates objects. Prolonged exposure to these traditional products can make employees dizzy or even sick.

No Water

As a water-free industrial degreaser, MIL-PRF-680 can help lengthen the lifespan of critical machine parts. Degreasers that contain water can seep into equipment, causing it to rust from the inside out. Additionally, degreasers that contain water do not stick well to the surface of the part being cleaned; causing a runoff that wastes the degreaser and causes slippery work floors.

No Residue

It evaporates fully, unlike traditional degreasers that leave a residue. Industrial degreasers that leave residues actually attract dirt to machine parts, thereby increasing the number of intervals between one cleaning and the next. A non-residue product like MIL-PRF-680 serves a two-fold purpose of keeping parts clean while saving the company money by using less of the product at a time.

No Hazardous Ingredients

The high toxicity and numerous Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) of traditional degreasers make them dangerous to workers and the environment. Along with workers' health potentially being harmed by those cleaners, companies can find themselves in a tough spot when the Environmental Protection Agency bans the use of a highly toxic degreaser. Using an environmentally friendly degreaser like MIL-PRF-680 will help companies stay ahead of changes made to EPA regulations.

In short, it is not just the military that needs industrial strength products that reduce hazardous waste and minimize worker exposure to toxic substances. All companies desire industrial cleaning products that are safe, and can still achieve demanding performance requirements. This is a safer alternative to the once commonly used cleaner PD-680.

MIL-PRF-680is effective in a variety of work environments, ranging from the mildly dirty to extremely dirty (grease, oils, epoxies, resins, coating, dirt, dust, fingerprints, etc.), where industrial chemicals are needed to clean parts and equipment. Countless businesses are in need of such a solvent that can clean almost anything, no matter the condition.

MIL-PRF-680 is an industrial degreaser that removes soils and contaminants without harming the environment, the workers, or the product and equipment involved.

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