More Renewable Energy for Less Climate Change Impact

Australia has the highest rate of carbon emissions per capita in the developed world. Realizing it has contributed much to the carbon pollution on earth, it has organized numerous government policies and efforts to counter the looming impact of climate change in their country and in the world. Among these are its significant initiatives towards developing renewable energy in the country in the recent years. To be able to do this, it has realized its need to bring change to its energy sector, which is largely influenced by huge electricity suppliers, such as Origin Energy, AGL and TruEnergy.

These major companies, since a few years back, have already begun to join in this advocacy. The country believes that it has what it takes to bring about this vital transformation in its energy sector. Australia has competent people to handle studies and initiatives to have lesser carbon emissions in coming years. It abounds in resources suitable for renewable energy, such as the sun, wind power, geothermal source, and wave and tidal power. The cooperation of the chief power providers combined with the growing efforts of the government is making the country's renewable energy goals much more feasible.

Australia has set its Renewable Energy Target for the year 2020. They are aiming that in less than a decade, 20 percent of the country's electricity will already come from renewable sources. A total investment of $20 billion dollars will be driven by then to its large-scale renewable energy.

Just this year, the government created the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, also known as ARENA. It is an independent body that will manage more than $3 billion worth of projects towards this goal regarding sustainable power. It will take over 10 existing renewable programs and R&D projects in solar, geothermal and biofuel energy.

Various types of support programs are already set up for other research and development activities to promote further the country's renewable energy and low-pollution measures for businesses and homes.

Aside from these, the country's electricity providers like Synerygy, Origin Energy and Horizon Power, among others, have been doing projects to develop both existing and new sustainable energy sources in the various states and territories, like the hot rocks of the Australian desert, more efficient solar panels, and stronger hydro power stations.

Australia acknowledges the fact that there is still a lot of work to be done to lessen the impact of their carbon emissions. This is why their government has been doubling its efforts and budget year after year to help this cause. It is also good to know that their power companies have been contributing to help them move towards having a renewable energy sector.

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