Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Through Power Companies

The Australian government is firm in its commitment to finding more ways to help its country lessen its carbon emissions and eventually decrease the effects of climate change. It is even working together with its power retail companies like AGL, Energy Australia and TRUEnergy, among others to formulate ways by which initiatives toward this ecological objective can be multiplied and be substantial to counter the devastating impact of the climate change.

One of the major efforts where energy retailers work hand in hand with the government is through promoting energy efficiency to the whole country. The general idea behind this is, if everyone in Australia would do their part in reducing the amount of energy that they use, the collective result would be a significant amount of defense against the country's greenhouse gas emissions. Energy efficiency may be simple, but it is one the speediest and most cost-effective means for the country to decrease demand and waste of energy.

As the government constantly introduces measures and assistance to help improve energy efficiency in homes, offices, commercial structures and public venues, power companies present efficient electricity and gas schemes, as well as simple reminders and innovative means to conserve power.

Perhaps the most ambitious project by the government and power companies that is geared towards lessening the country's carbon emissions and battling the effects of climate change is the development of renewable energy sources. Australia has abundant resources needed to generate renewable energy and the whole country is now working towards strategically tapping every resource available for this. Currently among all sustainable sources of energy, the most widely used are hydro, wind, bioenergy and photovoltaic or solar radiation. Other sources like geothermal and wave and tidal are utilized in much smaller amounts.

It is very important that the country would succeed in developing and using more sustainable sources of power, because it would substantially help them in decreasing their carbon emissions, which is caused for the most part by electricity generation.

There are renewable energy projects running on a collaborative effort of the government and the power industry, which includes retailers like Origin, AGL, Australia Power & Gas and many others. One that has started recently is the solar power station planned for northwestern Victoria. Another is the SLIVER Cell photovoltaic technology, which is said to perform as efficient and powerful as conventional solar panels, but at a much lower cost.

There are still other joint efforts that are being done by the various state offices and energy retailers to help diminish the harmful impact of climate change. It is, indeed, good to know that the nation is working together towards this goal for the environment and for the people. They need to act on it now and not wait a minute more when all costs would be higher and effects would be much, much worse.

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