Smart Meter for Energy-Efficient Australia

Today, selected areas in Australia use a smart meter for energy usage measurement to help residences and businesses to become energy-efficient. This is just part of the huge campaign by the Australian government and the country's industry sector to lessen greenhouse gas emissions and, eventually, the impact of climate change. These projects are answers to the country's being a leader in contributing greenhouse gases to the world's atmosphere, mainly due to its coal industry and coal-fired power stations.

A smart meter is an electronic meter, which has a built-in communications capability, that is used to calculate the amount of electricity you use in separate time intervals. In the Australian National Electricity Market the time intervals used is 30 minutes.

Most households and businesses today get the details about their power consumption only through their monthly bills. Smart meters generally display their latest electricity usage rate and cost every half hour. Most of these gadgets would already come with a display of the latest reading, but some of them would also feature connectivity to personal computers, so that power consumers could check their usage information from their PCs whenever they want to.

The prime advantage of using these meter reading devices for homes and businesses in the country is that they can get the latest information about their power usage instantly. If homeowners and business managers are equipped with this knowledge, they can adjust how they use their appliances and other items in the house or office that use power with the objective of reducing their energy consumption. In certain cases, this can even help people from having their power supply disconnected due to charges that are over their budget limit for a particular payment period.

With this gadget, they would no longer require power company personnel to regularly visit their residence or establishment just to read their meter. Even the necessary power connections when they move to a new home or office would be completed faster if they use smart meters. This would lead to efficiency and lower costs for both power companies and consumers.

In addition, power outages would be easier to deal with if the region utilizes this new device for meter reading in houses and offices. With its communications capability, the electricity supplier would be able to identify power outages and remedy the problem in a speedier manner.

The government and the industry sector of Australia promote smart meter for energy consumption measurement to help people contribute in their own way in conserving energy in the easiest way possible. These gadgets and all other projects geared towards energy efficiency in all households and businesses are being done with the hope of minimizing greenhouse gases and, ultimately, the effects of climate change.

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