What Exactly Is a Magnetic Electricity Generator?

A magnetic electricity generator is also widely known as a free electricity generator. The idea is to use the force of magnets to induce motion. But what does motion have to anything with generating electricity with magnets?

The answer is simple. If you ever wonder how water turbines and wind turbines generate electricity, you would learn that they use motors of any scale that use motion to generate electricity. It's the same concept with magnetic generators. Magnets are embedded into designs that contain a motor. The shaft of the motor is coordinated with the motion of the magnets. The motor, here, is the device that uses the rotation of the shaft to convert mechanical energy into electricity. Therefore, by designing the generator to capture the motion the magnets produce, magnetic electricity is achieved. The strength of the magnets highly determines the efficiency of a magnetic generator. They can be scaled in size to empower electrical needs of any type; most of all magnetic electricity generators produce alternating current that's compatible with a house's electricity line which is a feature that requires additional machinery in solar panels or wind turbines.

The use of magnetic electricity generators for the production of electricity is not a concept that has reached mainstream as yet. It has been said by many that large energy corporations have tried their level best to keep this concept hidden, due to the fact that it may ruin their profits once the common man gains access and further develops the idea. However, some scientists have managed to re-write the whole concept so that it could be understood by the common man in order to be made use of.

Building a magnetic electricity generator is not an entirely difficult task. All that's required is some basic knowledge on the subject, along with some building and wiring skills. A generator, properly tweaked, will have the capacity to power up your entire house. There are many other specifics that it needs to be built upon to make it a device that will actually be beneficial. It is also a device that will suit any type of setting or surrounding, no matter where you live.

Despite it's capacity of producing electricity in a much efficient manner compared to other types of alternative electricity generators, pre-made magnetic electricity generators are a rare sight which remains a mystery. However, DIY electricity enthusiasts are now building these devices based on professional guidance, in the form eBooks.

A residential magnetic electricity generator can help you produce safe, clean, renewable energy without harmful by-products and can also help you go completely off the grid.

The great benefits of magnetic power generators are what encouraging residents to build these devices. However, like all other electricity devices, a step-by-step guide is essential for a generator as such. The Hojo Motor is a recently released DIY electricity manual that shows its users on how to assemble their own magnetic electricity generator. The guide stands out as it is based on Howard Johnson's patented blueprints for working magnetic energy devices. To learn more about the guide, read this: Hojo motor review.

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