Comparing Traditional and Alternative Industrial Degreaser Products

ByTimothy Byron

Choosing an industrial degreaser is a decision that will successfully reduce, or significantly increase a company's risk of lowering profit and workplace safety. Businesses purchasing industrial degreaser products are strongly encouraged to learn the facts about alternative solutions in order to select the best solvent for their facility.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Heavy-Duty Buildup

Maximum performance industrial degreaser products are made to handle the toughest grease and dirt removal without breaking a sweat. Used in a variety of applications, these cleaning agents are heavily depended on to eliminate hazardous health and safety risks, which is why many consumers are willing to pay such a steep price for them. The phrase, "you get what you pay for" does not always apply to every situation. Manufacturers have found that the use of natural terpene derivatives mixed with cleaning agents creates one of the most powerful solutions on the market. This unique combination doesn't just help you clean: It does most of the work for you, all while being much safer than other chemical options. Super concentrated, extremely aggressive, and biodegradable features are just the beginning of what makes a maximum performance industrial degreaser incredibly valuable. For the first time, manufacturers have designed a formula that is intended for water dilution, allowing you to clean the highest degree of buildup in an affordable way.

Saving the Environment without Compromising Quality

Although they are certainly effective, the majority of degreasing agents are made up of butyl cellosolve, glycol ether, and acids that are harmful during exposure, as well as toxic to the environment. Neutral pH degreasers release very low levels of VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions into the air, and contain zero phosphate. In addition to these eco-friendly advantages, neutral solvents are non allergenic and completely biodegradable. This is an entirely new concept breathing life into standard aqueous cleaning agents that are commonly used for oily automotive plant floors, aircraft hangers, and manufacturing facilities. If you are actively involved in any of these specialty areas, you probably know how rare it is to find an aqueous industrial degreaser that is not only effective, but also environmentally safe to use.

Eliminating Safety Hazards Affordably

Powerful multipurpose solvents are highly desired among industries that face several different greasy, dirty, and oily applications on a regular basis. Cleaning agents with a broad range of capability are an excellent way for companies to save money. The cost of purchasing multiple solvents to clean every area of a facility is something businesses take very seriously. Unfortunately, multipurpose solvents often put owners at an even greater risk of profit loss due to dangerously toxic TCA (trichloroethane) and highly flammable conditions. Manufacturers of industrial degreaser products have developed exciting new chemical compounds that significantly reduce the risks commonly associated with TCA. The safe alternative uses n-propyl bromide to substitute and exceed the capabilities of traditionally cholorinated solvents.

Alternatives to traditional industrial degreaser products are provided to explain how choosing the best industrial degreaser protects businesses from safety hazards and profit loss.

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