Eco Bags - Environmental Concerns

ByDouglas Lober

Environmentalists around the planet are voicing their concerns over an incredibly increasing problem that is facing the world. This problem is waste and pollution that is spreading across the globe. A large portion of this waste is caused by the usage of plastic bags. They have suggested the use of eco friendly bags, so they would be able to cut bag on the accumulation of trash that is found from the land to the oceans. Plastic bags have caused death among much of the sea life. They have become entangles in this debris, or have also mistaken these bags for food or predators, and consumed them.

There are many plastic bag manufacturers who are not heading this warning, and this can cause a devastating effect on the entire Earth. There are approximately 500 billion plastic bags produced each year, and this number also reflects the amount of waste after these bags have been used. Switching to other eco friendly bags can dramatically change the outcome. This is a situation that has been growing in the minds of environmentalists. Many options exist for eco friendly bags that can be reused many different times. These are changes that can benefit everyone in the long run.

Sometimes there are damages to the environment that cannot be helped or reversed. The impact of using plastic bags can be helped, and future damage can be prevented. The easiest way that this problem can be remedies is by switching from plastic bags to bags that are eco friendly. This is an inexpensive change that many people are capable of making without much effort. If this change was made by even half of the people, there would be a dramatic impact that would improve the longevity of the Earth's environment.

The environmental concerns that face the world are mainly caused by damage that people are responsible for. This is damage that is avoidable. Choosing plastic bags offer no real benefits to people other than the availability of these bags inside the grocery store. Using bags that are eco friendly can be a convenient option as well. They can be easily stored in the truck of any car, or even under the seat of a car. They fold up very nicely, and take up very minimal space. This type of change can only benefit the environment in the long run, but the alternative of not changing can cause devastating results to the Earth that will be irreversible.

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