Green Janitorial Chemicals - 7 Shocking Facts to Consider for Protecting Your Building Occupants

Cleaning yields a clean surface, right? Nope, not necessarily. If you use the traditional, conventional cleaners you may have created an even greater issue. Although the surfaces may be free from dirt and grime, they may not be free from toxins that result from the petrochemical based cleaning products used. It is for this reason that it is so important to ensure only green janitorial chemicals and supplies are used in your facility.

Ever since a 1984 World Health Organization report suggested up to 30 percent of new and remodeled buildings worldwide may be linked to aliments and symptoms of sick building syndrome (SBS), there has is an ever-increasing awareness of what poor indoor air quality can do to building occupants and guests.

There are many more reasons to strive for a safe, green, clean result. Here are seven shocking facts that serve as additional reasons.

Indoor air pollution levels can be 100 times higher than outdoor air pollution levels, according to the EPA estimates!
Fewer than 200 of the 62,000 chemicals available since the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) was passed in 1979 have been tested for chronic impact on human health.
It takes only 26 seconds for a toxic chemical to get into our body! Chemicals enter into our body through inhalation, ingestion and absorption through our largest organ (our skin).
Asthma has increased in the last 20 years over 600 percent. Today, twenty (20) million people in the USA (including 6.1 million children) have asthma. Asthma accounts for more than 14 million outpatient clinic visits and near 2 million energy room visits.
The average person can be exposed 82,000 toxins to in their daily life. (Of the estimated 85,000 chemicals in the U.S. marketplace, only a small fraction of them have ever been tested for their chronic impacts to human health. While Europe has banned 1,100 chemicals from use in products, the U.S. has banned fewer than ten.)
Ever since the flu pandemic a couple of years ago, many different varieties and brands of antimicrobial soaps, cleaners, sanitizers, have been formulated and available. Unfortunately 275 of the ingredients in anti-microbials are classified as pesticides. US EPA classifies these active ingredients as pesticides because they are designed to KILL microbes.
Cancer rates have doubled since 1960. The cancer rate in 1900 was about 1 in 8,000, Today it is about 1 in 2 during a lifetime. Even with treatment many of these cancers are the cause of death.

Cleaning supplies and products are a huge industry. In fact about $14 Billion is spent each YEAR. For example, in a single state (California) it has been estimated that the following has been sold every single day of the year: 34 tons (or 68,000 pounds) of air fresheners; 74,000 tons (147 million pounds) of all-purpose cleaners, 109 tons (or 218,000 pounds) of toilet bowl cleaners, 102 tons (or 204,000 pounds) of glass cleaners (Source: California Air Resources Board). Recapping this is about the same volume as is contained in twenty-four (24) Olympic size swimming pools! If this is the volume of liquid cleaners sold in one state on one day, can you imagine how much is consumed in the entire country (USA)!

As a result of the demands generated by the end users (building owners and facility managers), new formulations ensure green janitorial chemicals and supplies have high efficacy and are becoming more cost-effective all of the time.

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