Green Solvents: Why Ignoring These Cleaners Is a Bad Idea

ByTimothy Byron

The disposal of industrial cleaning waste can be expensive to a business. It is a necessary measure required by many industries dealing in parts, machinery, and refinishing processes. Green products are one way to reduce the overall cost of disposal when using cleaners in a business environment. These solvents do not produce the extremely hazardous byproducts businesses struggle to safely take care of after usage. Used solvents are considered to be a hazardous material with special handling specifications.

The disposal instructions can be found on the container housing the solvent. Non-toxic cleaners simplify the disposal process and pose less harm to workers. Unsafe chemicals can seep into the soil, enter the atmosphere, and make their way into significant waterways. This can lead to plant, water, and air contamination directly affecting all living life on the planet. While industrial cleaners are necessary for many processes, green solvents are available to reduce the hazards they incur on the environment.

Industrial Solvent: Advantages of Choosing Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Industrial solvents are used by various industries to clean oil, dirt, grime, and other particles off surfaces. These particles attach to the cleaning agent for quick and easy removal. Businesses have relied on them for many years to complete processes such as painting or equipment cleaning. The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, has continually added regulations to reduce the release of vapors and hazardous byproducts.

Many companies using traditional substances are reluctant to change over to safer chemicals. They have developed dependable relationships with their suppliers to achieve lower pricing and familiarity with their business. These solvents have a proven performance record. Business owners often fear organic products will not be able to produce the same results. Organic cleaning providers can offer the same great business relationship, in addition to equaling the performance of the regular brand substances. For those companies still debating the switch, it can be worthwhile to continue current supplier relationships while trying out an equivalent non-toxic product.

A business must consider the costs associated with using toxic chemicals for cleaning. They require increased handling precaution, pose immense risks to employees, are sometimes highly flammable, and leave behind a large mess. Biodegradable organic substances pose no harm to the environment. They can drastically decrease associated clean-up costs and reduce employee health risks. Not all products are completely safe during handling because some emit their own vapors called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs); however, many effective cleaners are available with low vapor release counts.

Safer cleaners offer multiple advantages to a business other than having less expensive disposal. Using green solvents allows a company to avoid dealing with mandatory EPA switches resulting from chemical bans. These chemicals do not cause the large amount of corrosion often seen with traditional solvents. They have been proven to preserve parts longer than toxic cleaners. Toxic chemical exposure is one of the leading causes for employee health problems. By eliminating this risk, a business can cut down insurance costs and on complications caused by development of long-term health conditions. Breakthrough solvents have been made available to perform equivalent cleaning and offer these among many other benefits to industrial facilities.

Companies like to stick with a working industrial solvent, but in doing so pay more than what is required for reliable cleaning. Green solvents can reduce clean-up, usage, and purchasing expenses.

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